My ‘MUST-FOLLOW’ Bookstagrammers!

Hello everyone!

As you may know, I run multiple social media accounts all under the name of either: TheBookBug (on my BookTube channel, on which I’ve posted my first video as of this year) or TheBookBugBlog (on my booklr and bookstagram). So it should come as no surprise that I like filling my feed with wonderful bookish posts and pictures, and scrolling through them throughout the day.

In honour of my own bookstagram (which you can follow through the link above), I wanted to share with you some of my personal favourite accounts!

With most of us, there is always a common and shared denominator that inspires us to venture forward and try new experiences. With bookstagrammers, two of the most obvious common denominators are a love of books, and a love for taking pictures of them. The former statement can be said of all three bookstagrammers featured in this post, but I find myself drawn to each of them for reasons beyond aesthetically pleasing photos of spines and covers.

NOTE: I have only featured three in this post as a tester. Let me know in the comment section if these kinds of posts are your thing, and I’ll create more in the future.


1. Patricia (@acciolibrary)


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For this Slytherin, inspiration was not solely reserved for her shared love for reading and photography, but also emerged from a love of other bookstagrammers, and one in particular – @headinherbooks – and out of the three: ‘sugar, spice, and everything nice’, came a bookstagram page that changed with the seasons.

Self described as ‘imaginative, atmospheric and fun’, Patricia’s page not only focuses on the subjects of her photos (i.e. the wonderful tomes we all wish we either had on our shelves or in our hands), but places equal focus on creating a setting that emanates seasonal auras. I’ve  personally fallen head over heels for her current fall aesthetic – equal parts woodsy and warm indoors (insert side by side of a coffee and heart emoji)

Her pictures not only have the power to transport mood, but also play at that inner child who always craved the exclusive doll on the toy shelf at the store, with her collection of Funko dolls. I mean, how many of us have heard of the exclusive ComicCon Funkos and not lost our minds? At least with these photos, our inner geek can fangirl with the possibility of Batgirl meeting Luna Lovegood (P.S. can someone please make that happen?).

2. Crystal (@bookiemoji)


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Next up, we have Crystal from @bookiemoji! If the gradual transition of themes isn’t your cup of tea, then you can always find  something to please your feed in Crystal’s ever changing gallery. Best described in her own words, she states: ‘I know that most accounts have a set theme but I love changing things up so I do a variety of styles and love it!’

So do we!

For most of us, an endless scroll through gorgeous bookish photos is enough of a selling point to engage in the world of bookstagramming and book blogging in general, but for Crystal, one of the biggest selling points was the bookstagram community. She states: ‘it’s the great community and friends I’ve met that just really make me stay there and continue doing it!’

If showcasing wasn’t enough of an incentive to start your own bookstagram/go on a mad following spree, then perhaps the prospect of meeting other fangirls and boys on the platform might do it for you. Tumblr isn’t the only place that can do it, and we all wear it like a flag of pride.

3. Jill (@booknerd_reads)


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Last, but certainly not least, we have Jill from @booknerd_reads. We may not all have been bibliophiles for our entire lives. I for one, fell in love with reading when I blindly stumbled upon Clockwork Angel, by Cassandra Clare (but you can find out more about how I got into reading on my booklr!), and Jill is yet another example of someone quite like me. Having fallen in love with reading in 2013, Jill happened to stumble upon an account and thereafter combined our traditional loves for reading and photography with her account.

I personally follow Jill for the vastly different aesthetic of her posts. Whilst Patricia’s pictures have a gradual transition that feels constant yet never old, and Crystal’s posts mix it up in a cocktail of colours, Jill’s posts appeal to the girly side of me – which, I don’t know if you’re similar, but I hide on account of the scary reputation I have to maintain (but it never works out, because people take one look at my own bookstagram posts and raise questioning brows). She describes her account as ‘pastel, vibrant and creative’, and I concur if only because those are the exact reasons why I’ve followed her and encourage others to do the same!

P.S. I need a flower pillow like the one she frequently features in her photos. It’s an essential.

I wanted to end this post not only by encouraging you guys to check these lovely ladies out on Instagram, but also to tell you that bookstagram truly is like a tight-knit community. We share through our stories and fangirl in back and forth correspondence – either in comment sections or in the DMs. It’s a place where we’re free to roam like a flock, parading with our books. And above all this soppy poetry, we’re just all a bunch of maniacs who love beautiful books and bookish things, and like to see them in one safe and happy place on the internet. Also, we always have room for more (insert cheesy heart emoji).


– Marwa


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