A Bookish November: Meet ‘The Leaky Candle’!


*Follows sniffing up with an undignified yet satisfied noise and mutters*


There were bound to be more than two or three candle businesses included in this series of articles, it’s just the way of me, and as Lili Cunningham of The Leaky Candle says, everyone’s bound to share the excitement when they figure out ‘there’s a candle’ for your fandom, whether it’s a book fandom, TV, or movie.

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Our journey begins with two best friends – where one has the desire for a candle scented as her favourite TV shows and fandoms, and the other has the desire to bring them to fruition. With its Harry Potter inspired name, and its hardworking one-woman wagon, Lili has brought to us some of her best self-inspired scents from Missouri since 2015 on Etsy. When asked on her production process and inspiration behind the scents, Lili had to state (respectively):

I am mostly a one-woman team. I live at home with my parents because I am in my first year of college, so they help me out a lot! What happens is, I go downstairs to my “studio” which was the old family room until I raided it with my candle making! I spend time gluing wicks, or my mom helps me with that to speed up the process. As that’s happening, I have my large-scale wax melter melting my wax! I usually make as many candles as I need to at the time, but I do have a set number of each candle in stock, usually 24 or 16 of each. Once they’ve been poured and cured for about a week or so, I start stickering and pack them up! I usually carry about 5-7 bags of boxes to the post office!

The scents I choose are very, very well thought out. Some of them are canon, so Hermione’s candle smells like freshly mown grass, new parchment and spearmint toothpaste (or Ron’s hair). These scents were chosen because they are what Amortentia smells like to Hermione in the movies, and in the books. Something I have to kind of stretch on, though. It’s usually what I think that character/place/thing would smell like if it isn’t already canon.

Currently, Lili caters to fantasy/adventure fans with candles that range from all four Hogwarts houses to a candle that’s even inspired by Cinderella (which, I must admit, has caught my fancy)! Now it may seem like every other candle business has done the same thing – taken the most popular fandoms out there and transformed them into candles, however, I’ve felt in this case, that the creator’s words speak volumes I couldn’t reach:

I really like to differentiate myself and my company by hitting different fandoms. I don’t like having the same generic candle that a lot of other companies also have, which is why a few of my candles are retiring and others are having complete scent/name changes! I like to have those candles that people, who are SO into a certain fandom, will look at it and UNDERSTAND the reference I’m making! I like to be different! Some candles are hits and some are misses, it just depends on who sees it!

The Leaky Candle provides wax melts and naturally, candles that come in sets and a variety or sizes that range from 2oz-8oz. You can even request custom candles at her store! Present time prices at the store are $13 for the 8oz metal tin candles and $7.50 for the smaller, 4oz ones in the same metal tins.

If you’re hunting for deals like I always am, then Lili’s got you covered:

We are going to be having a full week of Spin the Wheel of Deals, which I mentioned before! Every day for a week, the wheel will be spun and a deal will be released for that day only! It can range from $5-$10 off a purchase or 15%-35% off! There will also be a HUGE Black Friday sale! Keep you eyes peeled! If you don’t want to wait, they can use the code “leakycandlefan” for 10% off!

And if you’ve missed these spectacular deals, then fret not, because bulk buying might solve your problems. The Leaky Candle offers discounts based on the quantity of candles you purchase. For these discount codes, check out the image below:


For even more deals and wins, you might want to follow Lili on her Instagram, The Leaky Candle’s only current social media (but don’t worry about that either, a Facebook page is on the horizon) because for every ‘major milestone we hit, we have a giveaway. Recently we reached 5000 followers and had an 8-2oz candle giveaway!’

So make sure to follow them and enter their giveaways!

Lili is quite the interactive store manager who sends out candles to her representatives during their representation period and even sends out candles to reviewers. She even reposts images taken by customers, so don’t be shy to show your love for her items by taking those #bookstagram photos!

Lastly, we round up each interview with a little personal touch from each creator and their relationship with their business/creations:

Q: What do your products mean to you? (this could mean as a creator, as a bookworm, as a businesswoman, or all!)

A: My candles are very important to me. I try my best to make them as perfect as possible and make my customers happy! Sometimes I get a little behind because life happens. I am, after all, only a college student

Q: How do your products reflect you?

A: I try to be original as possible. There will be those times when shops overlap ideas, but that’s life!

Q: What do customers get when they buy from The Leaky Candle?

A: They get a little jar of magic! Haha, more like my blood, sweat and tears! I love what I do, and I try to show that as much as I can when I ship out orders! I am so grateful to all my customers and my family for all of their support!

Throughout my interview process with Lili, I was constantly astounded as to how a freshman in college could achieve so much, especially because I just graduated and have yet to enrol into college. The very idea of dealing with such a new experience is daunting, but to then find time to chase your dreams as well as partake in one of life’s many milestones is…stunning, in the stunned to silence kind of way. So I feel like the best lesson from this is to always chase your dreams, even when you think there’s no time for it, you will always find it if you want it bad enough.

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